Chronic Illness
  • Chronic Illness

    Lace cloth, ceramic plate, various material

    As an ironical comment on a contemporary situation, for this installation I commissioned two women to make a crocheted lacework and a ceramic plate. In the design I included the McDonald’s logo, but not because I value this company. Perhaps this food chain began as a way to cheaply feed poor Americans, but it has become a huge multi-national corporation. Since in Turkey, local ‘kofte’ or ‘doner’ shops already provide fast food alternatives, the food sold in the McDonald’s chain is not needed, furthermore, comparatively, its prices are not cheap. Therefore, rather than serving a need, this chain functions as a symbol of modernity. The chronic illness I refer to in this work is the contemporary individual’s love of symbols, brand names, and labels. Since many Turkish women crochet lace pieces for tables, to go on their television sets or under objects they value, for this installation, I have arranged the commissioned lace cloth and ceramic object in an installation to bring this tradition into the art context.