Granny Leyla’s Bedsheets
  • Granny Leyla’s Bedsheets

    108 x 83 cm. digital print

    I believe that beds can be used as a metaphor to represent the feminine domain. Traditional beds from various cultures can show important cultural differences. When I first came to Istanbul, I started to use traditional Turkish quilts with buttoned on sheets. As Istanbulers strove to be more western and modern, they began to exchange their traditional quilts for more modern versions. In place of hand made cotton mattresses they started to use ones made in factories from synthetic materials. In place of hand made embroidered sheets, they began to use standardized, printed store bought ones.

    As we enter the 21st century, I wish to invite women artists to envision a more feminine society. I wish to point out oil painting is a part of the male dominated art world. Why is painting taught in the art academics rather than lace making? While I am not advocating a return to lace making, I would like us to review history and to remember the value of female artistic endeavors.

    By photographing hand embroidered sheets made by my husbands grandmother and exhibiting them as a digital print in a lavish frame, I wish to ask women to rethink the value system of the present male dominated society as they remember the important role women have played and continue to play in society.