Once Upon A Time Clotheslines...
  • Once Upon a Time Clotheslines...

    30 x 70 cm.

    In 1969 when I moved to Istanbul, all the neighbors hung clothes to dry on their balconies. Having lived for a couple years in New York city where everyone used clothes dryers, I thought this practice looked alien in a large city. Perhaps I even found it embarassing or rude to look at others possessions. From the mid 1980s onwards, the view from my balcony changed as television antennaes and air conditioning units replaced laundry. In 1998, in different communities, towns, cities, and countries, I began to document clothes hung out to dry. No longer did I find it unsightly to see laundry swinging from windows. In fact I was delighted to photograph clothes in Venice or Barcelona.

    Since I find laundry drying outside to be fascinating as a social indicator, I continue to photograph clothes blowing in the breeze, In the Spring of 2002, I hung all the photographs I had collected to that date on small clotheslines with small clothespegs on my back balcony and made a series of photographs of photographs.