• Bystander

    40 photgraphs 30 x 38 cm.
    printed with 131 Durust Lambda

    We are all living fictions. We participate in several stories simultaneously. In each of our stories we play a different role with some being more intimate than others. In addition, we continually remodel, exaggerate and fabricate portions of our stories and roles. Sometimes we take part in other people’s tales. This interaction inevitably effects the life of the observer as well as the observed. Does inaction also affect the observed?

    In this work, I move from place to place, always gazing, always observing, never really entering into life. What is my responsibility as a bystander? If I observe evil am I also evil? I am not the only bystander. Since we are aware of everything happening around the world, we are all bystanders. Daily, we witness pain being inflicted on others as well as all types of human suffering and injustice. We remain inactive and uninvolved even though we know that the world we live, its people, land, and animals drastically need help. Aren’t we all guilty?