Hang On/pull Open/push In
  • hang on/pull open/push in

    6 framed digital prints
    9 x 13 cm.

    From November 12 until November 22, 2007, I was invited to attend an Interdisciplinary Art Workshop in Nicosia, to create art about the culture of Northern Cyprus, to work together with a group of international artists, to share the experience with students and teachers, to share knowledge about contemporary art and technology and to produce work for the Cyrpus Museum of Contemporary Art.

    While visiting the city of Nicosia, I was particularly influenced by the beauty of ancient Greek and Ottoman style architecture standing side by side. I found the windows of deserted buildings hauntingly beautiful as reminders of the past and the present. As I spoke with inhabitants of the city, I realized they belong to separate groups. Some of the local population can trace their roots hundreds of years, others came in the 1970s, while others arrived recently. Everyone has different views about being ‘from Cyprus’.

    I spent days walking around the city taking photographs. From these, I selected 6 photographs of windows. Another participant of the workshop, Ali Askgar Cakmakci, worked with a group of local students to make sketches my hands. Using Adobe Photoshop, I inserted scanned images of these sketches into the photographs. For the final exhibition, I had these six digital photographs framed locally.