From My Bedroom Window
  • From My Bedroom Window

    1 watercolor 1979, 20 x 29 cm.
    1 photograph 2001, 16 x 23 cm.
    1 photograph 2008, 16 x 23 cm.

    When I made this watercolor, I had been living in Turkey for exactly ten years. The year 1979 is an important date in Turkish history and economy. For instance, it is just before a military coup, just before the Ozal era, just before the opening of the Turkish economy. The photograph from the same window 22 years later shows the same buildings with changed details. In 2001, the modernization of the 1980s and boom of the 1990s had come to an abrupt halt. The world had entered a new millennium. In 2008, I made a new photograph from the same window.

    One watercolor and two photographs shown together reveal levels of sociological information about the artist and her city of residence. While dealing with the relationship between change and stability, this artwork also investigates the position in art of public/private domains and traditional and contemporary techniques of reproduction.