Coca Cola
  • Coca Cola

    Coca Cola

    40 x 40 cm. lace cloth
    A serving tray

    As an ironical comment on contemporary
    individuals love for symbols, brand names,
    and labels, to be displayed in my 2009 solo
    exhibition at Pi Artworks, I commissioned a
    woman to crochet a lace cloth. For the design
    of the lace work, I included the Coca Cola logo,
    in my opinion an important symbol of twentieth
    century modernity. Traditionally Turkish women
    have crocheted small lace pieces using
    designs taken from their immediate environment
    to adorn objects of value such as a television or a
    silver tray. Today brand names flash across the
    city and seem more appropriate for this function
    than designs from nature. I have brought this
    tradition into the art context by arranging the
    commissioned lace cloth on a serving tray to
    be used during the exhibition opening and later
    to be displayed on a pedestal in the exhibition
    as an art object.