Let Harm Come To Objects Instead Of Humans
  • Let harm come to objects instead of humans

    Cana dešil mala gelsin
    (Let harm come to objects instead of humans)

    Framed piece of burnt wood and two
    melted objects

    50 x 70 cm

    We give social meaning and assign value
    to objects that can be magical, utilitarian or
    display hierarchical positions in society.
    Objects take prime roles in cultural rituals
    and meanings bestowed on similar objects
    may vary from culture to culture. Sometimes
    we forget that objects are inanimate and also
    assign them personalities. Needing to feel in
    control of situations and our lives when actually
    much is random and arbitrary, again we use
    objects to help us survive illogical and seemingly
    meaningless tragedies. Made from remnants
    of my recent experience with fire, a powerful,
    destructive and frightening yet essential and
    important element for human survival, this piece
    may be seen as a talisman to remind us
    of our tenacious relationship with objects
    and with life itself.