Talisman Series
  • Talisman Series

    Talisman Series

    Round 11 cm. beveled hand crafted
    mirrors with black and white silkscreen
    images of eyes from plastic surgeons
    office, pieces of wood from demolished
    buildings in the Galata neighborhood
    15 objects, varying sizes


    With this work, I attempted to make my
    own talisman series and continue to
    investigate the tenacious relationship
    between objects,beliefs and the desire to
    control random irrational events, the
    human desire to understand and manipulate
    the unknowable. The word talisman might
    originate from the Greek word ‘telein’ that
    means to complete or perform while in English
    it refers to any object possessing a remarkable
    or powerful influence on human feelings or
    actions. For the materialization of this work, I
    formulated rules that required the completion
    of a ritualistic process that would transform found
    materials into magical objects possessing 
    social meaning and value. The finished
    ‘talisman’ are in fact the documentation of a
    ritualistic process.


    1. All materials must have been found by chance.

    2. All objects must be hand crafted.

    3. Materialization of the objects must involve
    intense dialogue between the artist and the
    maker of the objects.

    4. Each object must contain at least one image
    of an eye, often believed to be the entrance to
    the soul and also perhaps references the belief
    in ‘evil eye’.

    5. The objects must be made from wood, a
    natural material, but a piece that shows age
    and traces of a former life.

    6. The wood must be altered using fire,
    insecticide, and carving.

    When exhibited, if the spectator believes these
    objects possess occult or magical properties,
    if they feel drawn to them, if they endow them with
    value, the work will be completed.