Lost Suitcase
    Lost Suitcase

    Lost Suitcase

    3:36 digital video
    original 2009 / revised 2011

    Whenever memory plays a role in relating
    information, the outcome, whether verbal,
    visual, or a combination of the two, becomes
    narrative fiction. In a complex chaotic city like
    Istanbul, storytelling still exists as a part of the
    natural texture of the place, even though it is
    diminishing, elders continue to relay stories
    to younger generations. Nancy Atakan in this
    digital video presents an imaginary space, a
    historical place, that reflects the multi-layers
    of reality/fiction. Starting with family photographs,
    documents and stories told to her by her
    mother-in-law, using a mock silent film format
    and melodramatic style found in early Turkish
    films, she presents the story of a transitional era,
    the story of an educated urban Ottoman born/modern
    Turkish woman. She realizes that objects outlive
    humans as they leave traces, document, carry
    memories, and reflect the atmosphere of what