Backwards Migration
    Backwards Migration

     Ters Göç / Backwards Migration

    Digital film installation
    5.10 minutes

    For fifteen to twenty years during my travels, I have
    been photographing plastic chairs that can be found
    everywhere and anywhere. My photographs of four
    different chairs, one plastic and the others with varying
    genealogy, sitting around a table in Maçka’s
    Sütlü Café inspired me to write a scenario about
    global population movement. The text for this ironic
    installation involving talking chairs is based on
    research, personal experiences and observations.
    With the exception of the plastic monobloc chair, all
    other objects in the installation will change to include
    chairs and tables found in the specific exhibition
    space. This is the first step of this on going project
    in which the installation and the scenario will change
    to fit situations of different immigrants as it moves
    from exhibition space to exhibition space and from
    country to country.