Haris Epaminonda
    • “Vol. IV”
      Haris Epaminonda
      RODEO Gallery
      Istanbul Turkey
      October-December 2009

      On a drab November day, my state of mind and mode of being shifted as I left the chaotic clutter and noise of Istanbul streets and entered the serenity of RODEO Gallery featuring work by Haris Epaminonda. As I adjusted to the exhibition atmosphere, I realized there was no need to search for meaning or a story in the work rather, I slowed down, observed, sensed, connected, and simply existed in that exact moment of time. As I wandered through the white gallery space, at times I found myself momentarily holding my breath or pausing as if I had reached a coma or period while reading a poem. Each element within each three dimensional collage was complete within itself and beautifully framed or displayed on a support, but together the groups created a layered visual rhythm of incredible delicacy.

      For “Vol. IV” her solo show at RODEO, a continuation of her specific type of poetic automatic visual writing or coding shown last spring as “Vol. I, II, III” in Malmö Konsthalle, Epaminonda brought a surplus of material consisting of small objects found over time in antique markets, personally framed pages taken from 30 to 50 year old magazines or books, delicately self designed pedestals, and a video of her observations of swaying almost dancing palm trees shot with a super 8 camera in Australia. Without a plan, from this collection, she selected, arranged, and edited to make sentences that fitted into and interacted with the gallery’s existing walls, divisions, single white column, and lighting system.

      As I explored the subtle details, discovered visual possibilities, and let the artist’s sensibility creep into my awareness, my spirit lifted just to know that an artist possessing this delicate thought process exists in today’s world.