Flow Of Life
    Flow of Life

    4 min. digital video

    For years I have wanted to make an artwork about women’s stories of giving birth. I believe they illustration on of the most significant dramas of life. Men relate to stories about war while women enjoy describing their experience of giving birth. Both deal with trauma, the trauma of life and death.

    During the month of March, 2005, I was invited to participate in a symposium and exhibition at Mersin University. During my first day in Mersin, I mentioned my desire to work on the theme of birth to some students. One student said, “I am a midwife. I work for an ambulance service on weekends and attend university during the week.” Another said, “I am a nurse and I work night duty in the hospital nursery.” Both reassured me they could get permission for me to talk with mothers and nurses in the maternity section of Mersin Government Hospital. Sure enought, they did and I spent the next few days talking with mothers, nurses, grandmothers and holding newly born babies.

    As I spoke with the women, more than the content of their stories, I was struck by the glow radiating from their faces as they spoke about being a mother. Even women with seven children radiated with pride. Birth is so painful. Motherhood is so difficult. But, life flows from mother to child. Life pulsates like the energy of the churning sea.