Pastout/Pas Tout/Past Out
    Pastout/Pas Tout/Past out

    1 min. digital film

    By accident I noticed a scene in my hotel room: a book, a camera, a flower, and a bed. Everything in the room connected to present an autobiographic image.

    A book, New Feminist Criticism: I love to read books and I am interested in feminist literature.

    A camera: While I am not a photographer, I use a camera to collect images and to document. I am specifically interested in taking a beautiful photograph, but to record meaningful objects, memories, thought processes and associations.

    A flower: A flower has been said to be a symbol for feminine passivity. A flower bud contains a secret power; as it blooms it opens from its core.

    A bed: Life begins and ends in a bed. It is eternal. Both static and dynamic, it connects the past with the present and future. A place for union or loneliness, it is erotic, private, individual….