Taxi Driverís News
    Taxi Driverís News

    30 sec. looping video

    After recording conversations with Istanbul taxi drivers, I selected phrases from our dialogues.

    According to city taxi drivers,
    they aren’t from here,
    but they live here and work here.

    At the age of 55 they die
    From prostrate problems.

    People living in Istanbul are
    Afraid to go into the subway.

    At the same time, they hate to walk.

    The buildings between Osmanbey
    And Sisli are ugly. In their place,
    Huge landscaped skyscrapers should be built

    This is all for today…until we meet again tomorrow.

    In my studio I posed as a TV announcer in front of rear view portraits of the taxi drivers and recited their news. In this ironic piece, I point out the impossibility of recording objective viewpoints. Are the news reports we view on television any more truthful than these? This project could be repeated in any large city in the world. What better way to reach the pulse of the city than to speak with a person who continually moves through that city?