When Inside Feels Outside And Outside Feels Inside
  • When Inside Feels Outside and Outside Feels Inside

    digital print in light box
    size varies to fit exhibition space

    When, in our hectic lives, can we feel a state of peace and equilibrium? This is the question I asked. As we enter the warm waters of the sea, as our head goes below the water, as thoughts of daily life blur, as we float in this soundless timeless space can we reach a quiet peaceful state? In this weightless space, can we attempt to make our minds quiet as in meditation? Entering water can also be a metaphor for entering ones subconscious, for attempting to find a psychological equilibrium.

    When materializing this work, it was important for me to make every portion equal inside a square space…right/left, up/down, male/female, air/water, and spiritual/physical. Living between two cultures, between two religions, between two countries as I do, makes the attempt to find this psychological equilibrium particularly important for me. Perhaps it is also important for the numerous displaced persons living in this mobile era.