Free Zone’s Limits
8 digital prints 14 x 21 cm. on Plexiglass 
reflected in mirror

Sometimes I look at birds and wish I could fly.  I’d like to be free like them.  When they fly, they seem to be having  fun competing only with themselves.  Can I fly a bit higher?  Can I zoom a bit lower?  If I practice can I expand my own limits?  Can I go wherever I want?  Can I land freely anywhere?  But, don’t birds also have limits?  Don’t they have to migrate to find food and escape extremes of temperature?  Don’t they have to deal with sickness, accidents, and saddness?  But, unlike the artificial limits imposed by humans, these are natural shared by every living thing.  

Can humans have any real free zones?  Perhaps they only experience degrees of freedom.  Perhaps rich and powerful people have more freedom.  Perhaps people working for global corporations  have more freedom.  What about global artists?  What about artists who travel from country to country from exhibition to exhibition?  Are they freer because they can fly further?

In the name of freedom many wars have been fought and are being fought.  But aren’t free zones always temporary?  Aren’t they inside frames…floating in air…suspended by transparent strings?  Even though they shine when lit, they always leave shadows.  They catch our attention, but are only illusions, aren’t they?

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