EARLY WORK: Acrylic Collage

In 1999, from the artist’s studio, the entrepreneur, Sıdıka Atalay, bought a series of her acrylic collages for the entrance of the Movenpick Hotel in Maslak.  

In this body of work, the artist brought together elements from her training, in Abstract Expressionism, collage,  and watercolors with shapes she had observed in Ottoman Miniature paintings.  These collages incorporate photocopies of photographs from family albums and textiles that will appear in her later work while also hinting at her future interest in globalization, memories, women.

Collage on shaped board: acrylic paint, broken coffee cups, photocopies 
Misc. material 
70×130 cm.
This collage includes elements that will reappear later in her career, family photographs, textiles and transcultural objects from a globalized world. 
Marriage No. 1
cloth, photocopies from family album, brush, aluminum,  acrylic paint, collage on  shaped board
70 x 150
photocopies from family album, gold leaf, aluminum, cloth and acrylic paint on shaped board
70 x 150

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