a broken clock inherited from artist’s in laws,
cloth, thread, aluminum laser cut shapes forming letters, 
title of a song sung by Ajda Pekan, ready made magnifying 
class, wooden table designed by Can Küçük

The Turkish word “Çalışmıyorum” can be translated into English as out of order, I am broken, I am unemployed, I am not working. The concept of time like translation is multilayered. Einstein understood that time passes faster in the mountains than at sea level without being able to measure it. As one looks at this broken clock on a non-functional watchmakers bench one might ponder the fragility of time. If one grew up in the mountains but has lived most of their life by the sea, as a migrant has their life passed slower or vise versa? In this complex troubled time of multiple displacement might one just give up on the world or even the universe
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