Co-founded in 2007 by Nancy Atakan and Volkan Aslan, 5533 aims to establish, within the Istanbul art context, a space to bring together people from different locations, disciplines, occupations, and backgrounds to create alternative models in the art context. They initiate contemporary art projects based on art-related research, critical reflection, dialogue, collaboration, interaction, discussion, and sharing. Having selected a modus operandi that gives freedom for experimentation without fear of failure, 5533 functions without an official status, sponsors, or long-term plans.

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address: IMÇ 5.Blok no: 5533 Unkapanı-Istanbul


Thanks for Coming
5533 collaboration with Volkan Aslan
digital print and neon

At the opening of the İMÇ shopping center in 1968, a large group of spectators congregated for a photograph.  As a 5533 project, Volkan Aslan and Nancy Atakan enlarged this photograph and added the neon sign, thanks for coming.  It looks as if the spectators are gazing into the future and seeing the modernization of Istanbul.

Any Questions? // Sorusu Olan?
10’14” single-channel film

Five collaborators scribble questions raised over two years in different 5533 projects on a blackboard in the art space. Speculation about the functioning of the space, as well as the stance of artists, curators and spectators increases as more and more actors write words on top of words making the writing more and more illegible.

Doğan Tekeli Interview
54’10” single-channel film

Before opening 5533 art space, the founders interviewed the architect of the building where it would be housed.  

Neighbors I/II
5’36” single-channel film 

These films present reactions of 5533 art space’s neighbors to the possibility of the continuation of this art space and about the artwork shown in the building during the 10th International Istanbul Biennial.

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