Blind Intersection
  • Blind Intersection

    digital prints and text from emails

    Just like classical painters, people still try to understand by looking and by searching for resemblance. Surface appearance only gives superficial knowledge. People’s ideas about “others” living far away are a personal fiction based primarily on family prejudices, novels, television programs, news reports, films, and perhaps some contact with one or two immigrants or travelers. People living in a wealthy and powerful country will have little factual knowledge about people from the periphery. People try to make reality into the likeness of an idea.

    Even though the participants of this work could be from any two nations, I have chosen an American/Turkish framework that reflects my particular situation as an American/Turk. I have sent an email to friends throughout the U. S. to ask them to obtain ideas about Turks and Turkey from their acquaintances who have never visited Turkey. I asked them to include all socio-economical levels from both rural and urban areas.