• Downpour

    28.5 x 150 cm.
    digital print under Plexiglas

    English words and phrases rain onto an urban city. The environment is congested, third world and Moslem. In one scene, one catches a brief glimpse of a British flag. The scene can neither be called beautiful nor ugly, rich nor poor, but verges somewhere in-between. The words hover over the city in a black thundercloud that continuously pours rain. The words rain onto the city, but the cloud does not diminish. The words land on the city buildings, get stuck, and add to the chaos and confusion. Unlike rain that disrupts, but brings nourishment as it disappears and seeps into the ground, these words, a false rain, disrupt, but are never completely absorbed.

    This work serves as a metaphor. In the globalized world, it seems that everyone must speak English. At the same time, English advertisements, neon signs, labels pop up throughout every city. Since language reflects culture, without anyone being completely aware, English creeps in and undermines existing systems. This process of language assimilation brings both desired and undesired change. The panoramic format refers to the Ottoman panoramic engravings.