Yok/No More
    Yok/No More

    2 min. 15 sec. digital video

    The images in the video film called “Yok/No More” move between Turkey and the United States. While the sounds of music and appearance of places in the video many resemble one another, they depict scenes from totally different and unrelated cities, music, and nature. Images of big cities and small towns (rarely found today) along with organic sounds from nature and mechanical sounds of the large cities shift back and forth. As everything mixes and overlaps all meaning disappears. Perhaps everything was always meaningless, but we are only now reaching this realization. Perhaps the only thing remaining is a work of art and even that can be questioned. We do not need to become anxious about this situation. Let us just accept that belief in ideologies, discourses and existing systems has disappeared.

    No more far or near: Without distance everything becomes blurred. Since events and media broadcasting of these events appear almost simultaneously, the significance of the events as well as their meaning disappear.

    No more progress: The validity of the twentieth century belief in progress no longer exists.

    No more goals: The extreme competition of the corporate and consumer world has only ruined mental and physical health. Striving to reach unattainable goals prevents one from enjoying the present moment.

    No more action: Even though everything continuously moves and changes, we feel powerless to act.

    No more meaning: The world is in a state of chaos. Belief systems have been destroyed. Concepts such as Democracy and freedom have become empty ideology. Wars waged supposedly to attain these abstract states of being no longer seem believable.