People Objects
  • People Objects

    180 digital images on Plexiglas
    13 x 18 cm.

    In this work I investigate issues about the relationship between objects and people. I emphasize phenomena (prevalent in today’s art market) whereby objects accumulate added value as they circulate as gifts or as commodities. Baudrillard believes that information and communications are now based on a non-referential purely circulatory principle of value. In fact, he speculates that a new centrifugal definition of value has emerged whereby meaning and value change, as objects and images of objects are passed from person to person. Pointing out that this model existed in some primitive cultures, he cites, the kula, a system of gift exchange where the value of gifts increase more and more as they are given and received .

    From the ceiling of the exhibition space, I hung 180 small l3 x 18 cm. digital prints of objects that reminded me of different people mounted on Plexiglas. To give equal value to each object, using Adobe Photoshop, I made each the same size and erased the background around the objects. Finally, I wrote on the images of the objects the remembered individual’s name. At the close of the exhibition, I gave these small Plexiglas pieces as presents to the remembered person.